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Our partner in Kenya is Heart of the Bride for Orphans.

For the past several years Lynwood members and friends have traveled to Kenya to support the critical, gospel-centered, work of caring for underprivileged children in the village of Kithianio, Kenya. 

Monica Muoki, a Kenyan national, has been reaching the children there since 2008 through a weekly community youth ministry.  While she has been an instrument in the Lord’s hands to reach hundreds of kids, she also came to realize that they are increasingly exposed to the world’s influences throughout the week in the public school system.  Through prayer and seeking God’s wisdom, God gave Monica a vision for the Eagles Christian Academy, a school providing a quality education, Christian discipleship, regular nutrition, and life training to the kids in Kithianio.  Eagles Christian Academy opened in 2016.  Today, the Eagles Christian Academy has 35 students reaching kindergarten through 4th grade.  Heart of the Bride officially partnered with the Eagles Academy in 2017.

Most recently, Lynwood trips have focused on the work at Eagles Christian Academy through teacher training and general support.  Our teams also work directly with many of the children by providing Bible studies that are culturally relevant and age-appropriate.  

In 2019, a medical component was added to this partnership as Lynwood sent a medical team to provide essential care to the orphans and under-serviced children in Kithianio.


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