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In 2019, Lynwood began a 5-year partnership to support strategic church-planting in Belarus.  This partnership focuses on investing in the leadership capacity of multiple church planters.  Working through a church-planting network Lynwood invests in monthly video calls with church-planters helping them to think through challenges specific to leading a church.  These calls have been vital to the leadership development of these pastors.  Lynwood also makes a financial investment in these churches in order to provide resources necessary to grow the churches.


In addition to specific leadership training, Lynwood sends teams to Belarus in order to provide leadership training to the entire church-planting network.  These trainings have focused on increasing the pastors’ Biblical understanding, technical skill, leadership ability, and personal family.  Building up these pastors and their leadership capacity is a strategic manner in which we can further the vital work of church-planting in Belarus.


A unique and exciting component of Lynwood’s work in Belarus is the long-term relationship with those who have a long time history of serving the people of Belarus. Working with these individuals to creatively meet needs of Belarusians has opened numerous doors for gospel-focused ministry in this former Soviet nation. Through the years Lynwood teams have conducted women’s retreats, marriage conferences, and music concerts in order to share their love of Christ in Belarus!

If you are interested in learning more about Lynwood’s work in Belarus or in joining a future team, please email Kevin Coffee.

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