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Calgary, Canada

Calgary is home to world-class winter sports venues and a world-famous rodeo.  It is also one of Canada’s largest cities. With a thriving oil industry and myriad business opportunities, the metro area is currently home to 1.4 million people. As that number continues to grow, the need for Christ grows with it. Only 5.2 percent of the people identify themselves as followers of Jesus. Churches and missionaries are working on ways to tell more people about the good news of the gospel, and they need our help.  

Because of the vast lostness across the city, The North American Mission Board has designated Calgary as a “SEND City”.


In 2019 Lynwood entered into a 5-year strategic partnership with SEND Calgary (North American Mission Board), Tapestry Church Planting Network, and Community Life Church Planting Network to support church planting in and around this growing and diverse Canadian city.  


Lynwood has committed to partnering with church planters and church planting catalysts in Calgary in the following ways:

  1. Sending multiple short-term mission teams each year.

  2. Recruiting 2-3 college students each summer to serve at GenSend Missionaries to Calgary.  GenSend missionaries agree to spend 8 weeks of their summer in Calgary supporting the work of church planting.  To learn more about GenSend, click here

  3. Working with area pastors and mission leaders to focus attention on the need in Calgary and to invite them to join the effort. 

  4. Mobilizing our church to pray for Calgary and the work there. 

  5. Providing strategic financial support


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