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Disaster Relief

Disaster takes on many forms from tornados to hurricanes and from fires to flooding.  Whatever form the disaster takes, the results are always the same: lives are disrupted; people are displaced and hurting.  It is into the chaotic aftermath and pain that volunteers from Lynwood enter so that they can stand by their neighbors in their greatest time of need.  Disaster relief volunteers bring with them compassion, care, and all the necessary tools to meet the need: chainsaws, shovels, cleaning materials, portable showers, food, and other life-sustaining necessities. They also bring with them hope for healing and restoration.

Lynwood sends trained volunteers to work alongside other Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief whenever and wherever disaster strikes.  When you’ve seen a disaster on the news in the last 50 years, what you may not have seen is the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers who were already on the scene—and they remained long after news cameras left town. As the third-largest disaster response team in the nation, this network of state-based volunteers teams does more than just clean up; they bring the healing of Christ to those whose lives have been shattered.  


More info on Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

If you are ready to respond to the physical needs of people in various places across the state, and beyond, then you should pray about being a trained Disaster Relief volunteer.


For more information, please email Kevin Coffee

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