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The Bridge Church

Wynne, AR

Wynne, Arkansas is the county seat and the largest city in Cross County. This racially diverse city of approximately 8000 residents lies in the northeast region of the state where it is estimated that 45% of the people are unreached.  While there are multiple churches in Wynne, Pastor Dustin Clegg believes that a fresh expression of church is needed in Wynne to reach those who are not yet Christ-followers.  


God lead Dustin to plant a church in Wynne, the result is The Bridge Church, that exists “like all bridges, not as a destination, but as an instrument to connect the lost and searching to Jesus.”

With an emphasis on racial reconciliation and healing the broken, The Bridge Church focuses on creating home groups who gather together for a weekly celebration on Sunday mornings involving innovative and fresh expressions of worship and Bible teaching.  These home groups also minister to those in Wynne who are hurting and who are disconnected from Christ.


The Bridge Church values:

1.          Clarifying Truth

2.         Experiencing Joy

3.         Pursuing Diversity

4.         Loving the Fatherless

5.         Connecting with the Uninitiated

6.         Embracing Margin

In January 2020, Lynwood began to partner with The Bridge Church through financial support, prayer support, and strategizing ways that we can support this vital work in Northeast, Arkansas.

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