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Pastor Mark's Blog 8/6/19

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Good news! We have a new College and Young Adult Pastor! I am so delighted to announce our church voted (99%) to bring Kevin and Casey Goebel to join the Lynwood team. They come to us from North Carolina and will begin serving at Lynwood the first week in August. Please pray for them as they transition to a new city and a new position. Also, they are expecting their first child in September. I am extremely grateful to our college lay leadership team for their faithfulness in serving our students. I am anticipating great things ahead for our college ministry now that the team is complete.

Kevin and Casey Goebel

Speaking of staff . . . Jeff Moran, our Student Pastor, and his family celebrate ten years serving at Lynwood. Jeff was the first staff member I hired after coming to Lynwood. Jeff has been consistent and faithful in growing our Student Ministry not only numerically but also in spiritual maturity as students prepare to leave home. Wini has been a wonderful partner in ministry with Jeff as well. We will have a church-wide reception for the Moran family Sunday, August 18 at 5:30 pm where you can come and express your love to them in a tangible way.

Thank you to all those who participated in City2City! What a blessing! God was truly glorified by the many ways our community experienced your touch of His love. There have been so many wonderful stories of lives that were impacted by this event. I have been stopped on several occasions where people have expressed their gratitude for City2City. Some were not helped directly but grateful for the effort our church made in loving on our community. I especially want to thank our staff and LifeGroup leaders who were at the point of the spear in planning and preparation. I want to encourage you to not wait until next year to engage our community. This is something you, your family, or group can do throughout the year. We are planning another City2City event next year, but let’s do our best to develop a lifestyle of engaging others and see more experience Christ.

Sunday, July 21, was a special and fun day as you acknowledged my 60th birthday, but it was special for another reason. Bobbie Buster’s family was visiting with us that day. You may not know who he was, but Bobbie served as Lynwood’s pastor from 1965-1969. He assumed that responsibility when, at that time, Third Baptist Church became a mission of First Baptist Cape. The name was changed to Lynwood Baptist Chapel, and they began to experience growth under Pastor Buster’s leadership. The church soon went into a building a program and built its second worship center. Four years later the church constituted as Lynwood Baptist Church. I expressed my gratitude to the Buster family for Bobbie’s faithful service. They expressed their deep joy for how Lynwood has continued to grow and impact our community for Christ. I mention this to remind myself and all of us that what we are experiencing today at Lynwood is because of the faithfulness of God’s people in previous generations. We are standing on their shoulders of sacrifice and service which we should never take for granted. That ought to also remind us that what we are doing now is for future generations. May we be found just as faithful and committed to the work God has called us to do as we engage all people to experience Christ and equip them for life.

In Christ,


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